Yeni Kitabım; Leisure from International Voices

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Kitapla ilgili açıklama:

The editors began work on Leisure from International Voices as a labor of love. The book highlights how important leisure is in the lives of people throughout the world and how it is universal in its value.


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, leisure is also imagined and practiced in various ways based on geographic areas and their associated cultures.

Chapters are presented from six continents, with 33 individual scholars from across the globe providing a broad perspective of leisure and its meanings.

People are diverse in any given country/region.

Leisure from International Voices, however, portrays the essence of leisure and how it is perceived, practiced, and studied in particular countries/regions.

Challenges associated with advocating for leisure from diverse standpoints are also highlighted.

Many similarities are noted in the epilogue, and at the same time, a rich range of interests and understandings of leisure is reflected in the diverse sociocultural perspectives shared within.

Leisure from International Voices gives readers new ideas to think about beyond their own cultural or country of origin outlooks.

The editors recognize that viewing each of these countries/regions as discrete chapters is not always possible.

At the same time, the geographic divisions provide a starting point for examining a collective leisure in the past, present, and future, and will help to emphasize the importance of leisure to individuals and communities throughout the world.

Table of Contents:

1 Leisure from International Voices: A Prologue
Karla A. Henderson and Atara Sivan

2 The Paradox of Australian Leisure
John R. Tower

3 Leisure in Brazil: Trends and Perspectives in a Contemporary Society
Ricardo R. Uvinha and Edmur A. Stoppa

4 Our Home and Native Land: Understanding Leisure in a Diverse and Evolving Canada
Janet K. L. McKeown, Zara E. Rafferty, and Mark E. Havitz

5 Leisure in China
Lijun Zhou

6 Leisure in Ghana: Whence and Whither?
Aaron Yankholmes

7 Leisure in Asia’s World City: Voices from Hong Kong
Atara Sivan and Gertrude Siu

8 Hungarian Leisure Development from Different Perspectives
Miklos Banhidi

9 Israel, Leisure, and the Reinvention of an Ancient Nation
Elie Cohen-Gewerc

10 Leisure from International Voices: A Kenyan Perspective
Jane Wanjiku Kamau, Daniel Gaita Njenga, Yasmin Goodwin, Nkatha Muthomi, and Jonathan Kimtai Rotich

11 Korean Leisure and Tourism Under Modernity and Globalization
Sokho Choe

12 Leisure Lifestyles in Multicultural Malaysia
Kwan Meng Lee and Selina Khoo

13 Focusing on Leisure from a Mexican Perspective
Adriana E. Estrada-González

14 Leisure from International Voices: The Case of the Netherlands
Jan W. Te Kloeze

15 Leisure Below Down-under: A Voice from New Zealand
Neil Carr

16 Sierra Leone: Living a Leisure Lifestyle
Abubakarr Jalloh

17 Leisure in South Africa: Choices, Challenges, and Consequences
Subaluxmi Naidoo

18 Leisure in Spain
Cristina Ortega Nuere and Ana Viñals Blanco

19 Working Hard, Playing Hard: Leisure in Switzerland
Aurelia Kogler-Bahl

20 Taiwanese Leisure: Opportunities and Constraints with a Focus on Women
Lucetta Tsai

21 The Conception and Perception of Leisure in Turkey
Bülent Gürbüz

22 Leisure in Uganda: Voices from Baganda
Constance A. N. Nsibambi

23 Leisure, Consumption, and the Speed Up of Time in the United States
David Scott

24 Leisure from International Voices: An Epilogue
Atara Sivan and Karla A. Henderson